BUG – Best of BUG | Album Review

Album Review

Mark Wilkins aka BUG, New Jersey based Jamaican born singer/songwriter telling his stories about his view on the world with 20 lyrical songs that are about self awareness, sadness, pain, peace, love and his journey through life learning how to conquer it all. The  “Best of BUG compilation album kicks off beginning with the song “Life Is” -  “ These days you can’t be dumb slow”.

A graduate of St. John’s University,  BUG’s music takes you on a journey from the early 90’ Roots Reggae in “Mental Slavery” to the uptempo “People Killing People” and a relax and soulful groove in “Black Shadow“, “This Time” and straight into the present day with “My Choice Is”. Thinking twice everyday seems to be the forefront of BUG’s music along with “Inna Street Life (iBring2u)”. The album was recorded in New York. (Queens & Brooklyn).  Producers/engineers Barrington “Bembehi” Bennett, Eustace Parry and Dave Downie at Hilltop Recording Studio. 

Inspired by the Bob Marley’s Legend album cover and a sampling of him on “Sensi” from the Gil Noble’s interview gave us an artistic, futuristic sound and design. “Outta Hell” features Malcolm X eye-opening statement of the vicious cycle of life. “Danger” & “FBI” brings us closer to world domination by having us think of JFK  91’ movie plot that “People” are not the way they used to be. Closing with a little bit of love around and a lyrical message that’s rooted from a culture that has kept us together.

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